Printing systems

With our experience in the label sector, we are a company that works without compromising our service quality in order to differentiate and reach productive results. In label production, from raw material entry to product delivery, we serve with effective quality management in all processes. We follow your needs, we combine Tag with art. We create a bridge between you and your customers with our custom graphic solutions and applications. With our innovative structure, we constantly improve our printing technology and bring the world standards to your feet. With our wide product portfolio; food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and beverages, mainly serving various sectors, we produce labels that can be used in all sizes and different areas. With our new machine park in the label group, we offer you all the features you would like to have on a label, without limitation in printing. We adorn your labels with high quality printing in our production facility equipped with advanced technology machines. We meet all your label needs with our 8 color capacity machine. In our production facility, where flexo and gravure printing techniques are used, there are machines capable of making hot-cold gilding and embossing. With these machines, 350 gr. We are able to print on paper and film materials, we can offer you integrated solutions with our plate preparation center and variable data printing service.


Flexographic (Flexographic) Print

This is the most widely used and most advanced printing method today. Flexographic print even being applied on uneven surfaces, uses two kinds of ink- UV- based ink and water- based ink. In general, flexographic print is a printing system preferred in high circulation works. This systems makes directly print on the material and is very successful in roll printing and ideal prints reaching the result are obtained.


Letterpress printing

This is a printing method generally using UV- based and curing systems in which especially color transitions can be easily applied. Light- sensitive polymer plates are used in advanced  letterpress printing machines. Image areas on the clichés (ink bearing area) is produced by photographic or direct imaging. The raised surface is coated with ink during printing and then is transferred to printing paper. Letterpress roll printing machines that are used for self- adhesive labels are manufactured as semi- rotary or rotary machines.


Screen Printing

Screen Printing; is a printing method that is generally preferred for sectors in which the labels must be durable and a method in which labels are produced that are suitable to be resistant against moisture, air conditions and chemicals. Unlike other printing systems,  labels of very good quality and features give very successful results with this method. This machines have the feature to be able to make print on any kind of surface.


Rotogravure Printing (Rotogravure)

PRINTING WIDTH: 800MM NUMBER OF COLORS: 8 PRINT SPEED 150MT / DK It can offer you special projects with its large size and it saves you in high circulation works, it provides perfect solutions for jobs that require sharp images and high quality ink density. Rotogravure has a high roller cost, but thanks to its low dyeing cost and combined printing feature, it provides economy in medium and high circulation jobs. The term can be extended up to 15-30 working days after printing approval.



Due to its advantages such as low cost and high printing speed, it is a frequently used printing system all over the world. It is a system that can be switched directly from computer to production without printing plate. It keeps label costs to a minimum thanks to its ability to print on low weight paper, to reach very high production speeds in printing, and to be able to print in desired quantities.