Our Company policy

Our company consisting of a senior executives management with a very important academic, professional and sectoral knowledge, follows domestic and international fairs, conferences, panels and similar activities, and transfers innovations and experiences acquired by this mean to you valuable customers.

Quality product range

In order to become the most effective, innovative and reliable company of the label industry in which we are active, our quality policy is to transfer the latest technology to our customers in line with their needs and to offer appropriate solutions, to base on customer satisfaction without compromising on quality, to develop our qualified personnel and to comply with and continuously improve the management system conditions.

Price option

Our purpose and vision with the structuring of product pricing; is to crate the basis that is mot appropriate for the product quality and price indexes. We believe that these advantages that we will offer to you valuable customers in these products directly affecting the production costs will also have a positive reflection to us.

Performance and Carrier Management

The purpose of the performance system at our company Yeniler Etiket is versatile measurement of employee's performance in order to ensure healthy feedback and to emphasize team performance as well as individual performance. Yeniler Etiket tries to catch development opportunities for the organization based on the performance evaluation results. Employees may be employed within the scope of Yeniler Etiket in different business areas in line with their experiences, trends and career objectives.

Fast Logistics

The fast service logic at our company that is considered as one of the milestones of customer- oriented service is executed at our company with a very professionally designed time planning and customer mapping.


The main objective of training activities is to create a constructive company culture for social affairs and conscious in matters like hygiene, environment, health and occupational safety greatly emphasizing efficiency in direction to quality assurance and to include all employees in this culture. Orientation training for our newly hired employees in order to increase efficiency and make them used to their work, ensures compliance of the employees with their work in very short time.. With the wish to share more good times all together, Sincerely…